BVC is the global leader in valuation services
For the innovation economy
Empowering companies to understand, communicate, grow...
And monetize corporate value
A 20-year business history, focused on technology industries
Over 5,000 valuations performed
World renown expertise in valuing IP and intangible assets
Business Valuation CenterTM
The Fair Value ExpertsTM
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BVC is a global valuation services firm serving the Innovation Economy for 20 years.

Valuation Services

In today’s complex world of finance and accounting there is a constant need for services relating to the value of assets. This is our area of expertise. From financial reporting requirements and intangible appraisals to consulting and planning services, we address any aspect related to the value of companies or their assets. Whether you’re setting a share price for an IPO or settling a dispute in the courts, it is vital to know the real worth of assets. This is where we come in.

Just a few of the thousands of clients we have provided valuation services for over the years:

BVC is your partner for valuation

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