Our Methodology


You just can’t get reports like ours elsewhere, because we use different methodologies and procedures in our engagements than anyone else we know of in the industry. We are serious about valuations and it shows in our results and our procedures.

  1. On each project we undertake we always have a financial valuation expert and an industry expert. These could be the same person, but are often different. This means that we require one of our staff be an expert in the precise valuation service being provided and another be an expert in the exact industry segment. If we don’t have the expertise necessary to put together a team of that caliber, we simply don’t accept that project. This ensures that every single report we produce is of the highest possible quality.
  2. We track about 150 different industries on a monthly basis for valuation multiple analysis. As a result, we’re deeply attuned to what’s happening in a number of industry categories. We don’t know of any other company that does this.
  3. We have done many pure technology valuations and valuations for pre-revenue companies. As a result, we have all the expertise for intangible valuations such as intellectual property.
  4. We actually came up with valuation methodologies in the early days of the Internet when no one even knew how to value companies without revenue. When companies such as Yahoo and Lycos went public, they had no revenues—just investors. We had to invent methodologies that would support what the market was naturally valuing them at in order to determine what their stock price should be. Most valuation methodologies are based on earnings and revenue. How do you apply that to a social media company with a valuation of 2000X earnings? We had to emulate what the market was seeing in these companies and come up with metrics to account for that.
  5. We were contracted by the SBA to author a report on their business valuation guidelines. Most of our recommendations were officially adopted by the agency and are now used as industry standards all across America.

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