Tax-Related Valuations

Tax related valuationsOne whole family of valuation services are those related to tax reporting. The Internal Revenue Service requires many aspects of one’s financial picture to be fully and accurately reported to them. The only way to do this in many cases is with specialized valuations.

Both corporate and personal taxes can involve situations which are highly complex and require precise knowledge of financial reporting. If done incorrectly, this of course, has expensive ramifications. Additionally, correct tax planning takes these same elements into account so that actions can be taken to put oneself in the best possible tax situation.

IRS Requirements

We have extensive knowledge of IRS requirements and know exactly what needs to be done to properly and smoothly deal with them. The following are a short list of IRS requirements requiring tax-related valuations that we can provide:

  • Net Operating Loss Limitations and Built-in Gains (§382)
  • Like-Kind Exchanges (§1031)
  • Asset Valuations (§338 and §1060)
  • Non-Compete Agreements (§280G)
  • Legal Entity Valuations (§351 and §355)
  • Taxable or Nontaxable Reorganizations (§368)
  • Debt Forgiveness (§108)
  • Worthless Stock Deduction (§165)
  • Global Interest Expense Allocation (§861)
  • Transfer Pricing issues (§482 and §6662)
  • Deferred Compensation (§409A) and Stock Options (§83)
  • Subchapter C to Subchapter S Conversions (§1374)
  • Cost Segregation (§1245 and §1250)

Corporate Tax-Related Valuation Services

Corporations are in the business of producing products and making a profit. They aren’t in the business of financial reporting. However, everything a corporation does has immediate tax ramifications. Because they can be costly these must be taken into account in any major company transaction or planning.

BVC can help corporations plan the most advantageous tax position, as well as handle all IRS reporting requirements. Correctly done these can increase cash flow, lower tax liability and ensure that all necessary reporting requirements are fulfilled. Our corporate tax-related valuations services include:

  • Valuation of legal entities for cross-border reorganizations
  • Purchase price allocations and other valuations of intangible assets for tax reporting and transaction planning
  • Valuation of tangible assets across multiple tax jurisdictions
  • Fair market value interest expense allocation valuations
  • Transfer pricing studies
  • Section 409A valuations
  • Cost segregation studies
  • Property tax consulting and valuation

Gift & Estate Tax Valuation Services

When stock, property or other assets are being transferred, as in gifts or inheritances, each of these has a value. This value has to be reported accurately to the IRS and can have large ramifications on estate or gift taxes.

It is vital to have a realistic, true picture of the value of assets transferred. This is done through specialized valuations for tax purposes. At BVC our mission is to provide our clients with a clear-eyed analysis of the information so that, armed with the facts, they are able to make the best decisions about their financial future.

BVC gift and estate tax services include:

  • Valuation of closely held stock, including common, preferred and convertible-preferred
  • Discount studies, including but not limited to, lack of control, lack of marketability and built-in capital gains
  • Control premium studies
  • Valuation of intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, patents, contracts, technology and more)
  • Real and personal property valuation
  • Testing asset transfers to ensure that the transferor has received fair and adequate compensation for the property rights given up

Why BVC For Tax-Related Valuations?

Unlike many firms involved in tax-related valuation BVC professionals undertake hundreds of assignments each year and testify on a frequent basis. Our professionals regularly assist in arbitration, mediation and settlement negotiations in various tax matters.

BVC’s experts have provided tax valuations for more than 25 years and our exclusive focus on valuation and related issues provides the independence crucial to objective corporate tax valuations. Subtle but important differences exist between valuation for tax reporting and financial reporting and our consultants have relevant experience in these matters.

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