Litigation Support

LitigationLitigation is a fact of life for business owners. Whether protecting one’s interests in the marketplace, defending oneself from the claims of regulators or dealing with the headaches of life’s challenges such as bankruptcy and divorce, one has to be prepared to deal with lawsuits effectively. One can either hope that it goes away or take steps to tackle the challenge head on.

Whatever your circumstances, BVC stands ready to help. We have years of experience in business litigation and can provide both valuation and consulting services to help you navigate the complex world of the courts.

Winning Requires Data

In order to plan effective litigation strategies, you have to be fully informed regarding the value of the assets in question, the nature of the financial regulations and what your options are. BVC can provide the expertise that you need.

We have extensive experience and deep technical knowledge in all areas of business combinations, valuations and asset appraisal. We understand both government regulations as well as shareholder and board requirements.

Regardless of the situation, we have the ability to provide you with the best possible information and resources to plan your case and give you the best chance of winning.

Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

  • Arbitration and Mediation Valuations & Testimony
  • Civil Litigation Valuations & Testimony
  • Criminal Litigation Valuations & Testimony
  • Damage Estimates
  • Discovery Consulting
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Distressed Assets and Bankruptcy

  • Pre-Filing, Workout & Restructuring Services
  • Chapter 11 Services
  • Post-Emergence Services



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