Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

Litigation support BVCAnyone involved in litigation wants to win the dispute. Winning begins with fully understanding your options. Successfully meeting the challenge requires experts who master the facts and are able to clearly communicate supportable findings and conclusions in a manner compelling to judges and juries. Knowing the right strategy and capitalizing on the strengths of the case enables you to challenge the opponent’s weaknesses and deliver persuasive arguments. BVC accomplishes this with tireless preparation and flawless execution – skills that have consistently led our clients to victory.

Litigation Support Services

BVC provides valuation and advisory services to address the following legal challenges:

Arbitration and Mediation
When disputes are settled outside the courtroom you still need great strategy and information to arrive at an amicable resolution. By getting BVC involved in the process early we will provide clarity to disagreements involving the assets of a business and its operations – the kind of clarity that positions you to present a very strong case. In those rare instances when judicial challenges ensue, our professionals are experienced expert witnesses able to see matters through to their successful conclusion.

Bankruptcy and Corporate Reorganizations
We meet financial crises head on with urgency and expertise so our clients have the necessary strategy and information to succeed. BVC has provided valuation and advisory services to assist in every aspect of out-of-court and in-court restructurings involving some of the largest Chapter 11 reorganizations. We routinely reduce very complicated valuation problems into their simplest components. This enables our clients to find the best solutions and positions them to communicate compelling facts in a manner that are easily understood.

Civil Litigation
Sometimes it is not possible to resolve disputes cooperatively. In these cases, BVC brings clarity to the issues. Skilled in providing a wide range of valuation and advisory services, we provide clients with accurate information to make a compelling case. We can assist in civil litigation that involves challenges related to mergers and acquisitions such as. These include:

  • Hostile and competing bidders
  • Troubled deals
  • Shareholder suits
  • Matters involving the SEC
  • Post-closing adjustments
  • Disagreements involving the value of contracts and business assets
  • Creditor or trustee claims in bankruptcy
  • Allegations of negligence
  • Government investigations

Criminal Litigation
Criminal investigations sometimes bring into question the value of businesses and business assets. Questions can include how criminal conduct has impacted the value of a company to how government responses or penalties for criminal behavior will affect asset value. These disputes are frequently “fight to the finish” matters involving a host of witnesses. In a battle of experts BVC has repeatedly proven to be a strong resource, bringing perspective to the matter at hand through in-depth knowledge of business operations and an understanding of the marketplace. Our ability to communicate the facts in understandable terms, positions trial lawyers to make the most compelling case possible to juries and judges.

Damage Estimates
Seeking recompense for damaged assets requires an accurate appraisal of their value. BVC prepares economic and financial damage calculations for a variety of disputes. With our strong foundation in determining what machinery, inventory, real estate, intangibles, intellectual property and businesses are worth, attorneys seek out our appraisal and financial experts to estimate the cost of restoration. Our knowledge of business operations is especially useful when losses are the result of an interruption of the enterprise. In some instances BVC is retained to serve as a consultant behind the scenes, while other times we are hired as an expert witness to provide testimony.

Sometimes the most valuable role BVC can serve in a legal dispute is assisting attorneys with discovery. Our consultants conduct a detailed review of all documents and provide guidance about the right questions to ask, areas to probe and avoid, holes in the case, errors or breaches in professional conduct in the opposition’s argument or the opposing expert’s positions. By aiding in the discovery process BVC is often able to help clients reach a quick settlement or contribute to the winning strategy if the matter proceeds to court.

Expert Witness Testimony
Having the right witness can make or break a case, especially when technical and quantitative issues are involved. With professional training and designations recognized by the court, BVC’s team of experienced expert witnesses has real market experience, understands what makes a business successful and can speak authoritatively to asset values in more than 150 industry segments. Our experts have the uncommon ability to explain complicated concepts in basic terms so judges and juries are presented with the compelling facts of the case in a manner that is understandable – the kind of evidence that wins cases and drives settlements.



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