ESOP Valuations BVCEmployee Stock Ownership Plans, or ESOPs, are a widely-used method of structuring a corporation so that it is owned by its employees. Transitioning your company to an ESOP requires technical expertise in order to correctly set it up and maintain it.

BVC helps determine the best way to change the ownership structure in a way that retains and rewards your best employees, reduces tax expenses and increases working capital and cash flow.

BVC ESOP Services

There are several areas where valuation services are needed with regard to ESOPs:

Pre-ESOP Planning

  • Assessment of strategic alternatives
  • ESOP feasibility studies
  • Preliminary valuations

ESOP Formation

  • Transaction structuring and negotiating
  • Initial valuation
  • Fairness opinions and solvency opinions

Government Compliance

  • Annual valuation
  • Follow-on transactions
  • ESOP loan restructuring
  • Trustee advisory
  • ESOP and ERISA litigation support and expert testimony


  • Merger and acquisition advisory
  • Recapitalizations
  • ESOP terminations
  • Fairness opinions

Why BVC?

BVC has the valuation and advisory expertise to offer any guidance or services you need with regard to ESOPs. We serve ESOP companies ranging from small closely-held companies to large publicly traded companies in a variety of industries nationwide.