How Startups Are Revitalizing the Healthcare Industry | TECH.CO

The healthcare industry is rapidly becoming one of the top choices for startup companies. In fact, healthcare startups that focus on everything from providing tools for a specific procedure all the way to creating time management apps for nurses have found a foothold in the business world. This is due in large part to the continual drive to improve everyone’s life expectancy and quality of life. As an added bonus, healthcare startups usually require a strong technological basis, which makes them attractive to entrepreneurs with a tech background.

Today’s healthcare startups are in the enviable position of being able to positively impact the entire industry; in 2014, the healthcare startups gained earned the highest amount of venture funding.  Major healthcare providers such as Cedars-Sinai have recognized the potential for partnering with startups, and this has led to several monumental changes. Recently, Cedars-Sinai joined forces with Techstars Healthcare Accelerator to provide training assistance to 11 up-and-coming startups with the intention of advancing healthcare delivery. This highlights a forward-thinking approach, and it could also ultimately save Cedars-Sinai and other hospitals a lot of time and money.


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