What to Say When a VC Asks About Your Company’s Valuation (Hint: Don’t Give Them a Number)

One of the hardest things about the fundraising process for entrepreneurs is that you’re trying to raise money from people who have “asymmetric information.” VC firms see thousands of deals and have a refined sense of how the market is valuing deals because they … Read More

Stock markets hit record highs – here are three reasons why

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Avoid These Financing Mistakes That Kill Business Valuations

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Walgreens Calls Off Deal to Buy Rite Aid

Walgreens Boots Alliance and Rite Aid said on Thursday that they had called off their long-planned merger after antitrust authorities indicated they were not likely to approve the combination of two of the nation’s biggest drugstore chains. Instead, Rite Aid … Read More

Small business owners should get business valuations

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Valuations 101: 3 Ways To Multiply Your Company’s Worth By 8x

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Avoid misconceptions about business valuations

Business valuation services are helpful and often required for the purchase or sale of a business, estimating the value of a business for succession or retirement planning, determining values for gift or estate tax purposes or marital dissolution and to … Read More