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From Ron Everett, Managing Partner

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Can you see yourself owning your own valuation practice and earning twice your current compensation level as an equity partner in a fast growing international consulting firm?

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Mr. Ronald Everett, Managing Partner, BVC Global Equity Partnership Program

If you have an unfulfilled ambition to own and develop your own practice and seek the opportunity to earn significantly higher compensation than you are now earning – as well as the long-term financial benefits of partnership equity in a global firm – we would like to talk with you about launching your own business valuation practice in partnership with Business Valuation Center (BVC) in one of many major cities throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

BVC is seeking qualified partners with at least a decade of experience in the business valuation or the accounting profession. If you have been successful in developing deep relationships with C-Level executives and their advisors, then this business proposal deserves your personal consideration.

As a BVC Global Equity Partner, you’ll be running your own business in your own selected city or region. With BVC as your partner, your newly-formed valuation practice will be launched with a powerful new business model which includes the following benefits for you:

  1. An equity ownership structure with profit sharing opportunities
  2. New income streams from high margin services like BVC’s ValueX3 and our M&A Accelerator
  3. Done-for-you marketing campaigns
  4. Lead generation and marketing automation systems to track prospects and follow up
  5. Branded international and domestic identity
  6. Tested referral programs
  7. Public relations for continuous market exposure
  8. Mentoring from the top professionals
  9. The ability to immediately attract dozens of high-margin clients
  10. Quality report production and product delivery

Who We Are & Why You Should Consider Working With Us

BVC is the premier business valuation firm for companies in the Innovation Economy.

Over the past 15 years, we have performed over 5,000 valuations on mostly “tech-sector” companies. In our role as primary advisor to the Small Business Administration, we valued over 1,600 companies in over 200 private equity firms and, as part of our contractual commitments, re-wrote the valuation standards currently in use by the Federal government for its $24 billion Small Business Investment Company program, the largest private equity “fund of funds” program in the world.

Our client list includes some of the biggest names in the tech sector including Google, Yahoo, eBay and thousands of others. We have worked directly with the biggest players in private equity and venture capital—funds like Summit, Wasserstein Ventures, Thomas H. Lee Partners and literally hundreds of others.

For more info visit read about what we do.

Important Background On How This New Program Was Developed

Cropped shot of businessman putting his ideas on white board during a presentation in conference room. Focus in hands with marker pen writing in flipchart.

Over the past year, we’ve been working with several marketing and public relations firms to develop and test a number of business development strategies and lead generation programs for the valuation profession.

As a result of this research process, we have learned by actual trial and error testing in the valuation marketplace that there are four key strategies that can be quickly implemented and launched that significantly outperform all other marketing methods by at least 500% or more.

So we decided to focus on developing a new business model for the valuation profession that is built on prospecting and lead generation devoted exclusively to a new system that combines these four strategies with our proprietary marketing technology, infrastructure and online/offline systems.

The outcome of this R&D effort over the past year has been excellent, resulting in a reliably predictive system for consistently generating valuation consulting opportunities. In most markets, this continuous stream of opportunities can grow your valuation practice from zero to a mid-six figures within the first 12-18 months – and the magical 7-figure level by Year 3 – if our business model and underlying programs and infrastructure are implemented and followed by you exactly as we’ve designed it.

Our goal is to put our business model and this new system into your hands as a BVC Managing Partner in a major city/region if you possess the client development skills and ambition to create a thriving valuation practice with BVC as your partner.

This Program Is Designed To Give You Freedom, But Is It Really For You?

The BVC Global Equity Partnership Program is designed for three kinds of people.

a man in a business suit with leather bound with handcuffs. sex Toys

  1. First, this program would be ideal for you if you’re already working as a valuation practice leader in a valuation or CPA firm with primary responsibility for business development and you want to take your earnings to a much higher level – and more importantly – build equity value in your own valuation practice.
  1. It’s also for people who already own their own valuation or CPA practice and are seeking a new channel to quickly expand their business by using our unique strategies and tactics to dominate their selected market niche. This assumes that you have a strong knowledge of professional services marketing and possess excellent skills in creating and nurturing referral sources and close relationships with business owners, C-Level executives and their advisors.
  1. Lastly, this program is ideal for M&A advisors, middle market business brokers and investment bankers who have a working knowledge of business valuation and the corporate preparation process leading to the sale of a private company.

Who isn’t it for? If you’re new to marketing professional services or simply don’t enjoy the process, the Program is definitely not for you. To perform at this level requires that you have a significant record of prior success and a strong foundation in professional services sales experience, preferably in the valuation and accounting world. It also isn’t right for you if you’re a valuation professional that prefers report writing and technical research over client “handling” and business development activities.

Transporting Yourself From An Unknown Valuation Expert in an Overcrowded Marketplace…to Making Millions More For The Rest Of Your Business Life

So we’d like to give you a no-nonsense look at what’s really wrong with the valuation industry – and how YOU can catapult yourself and your practice into the authority leadership position in the valuation market niche that you decide to pursue with BVC as your partner. Plus – we’ll explain to you why certain people in our industry earn up to 10x more than you do and how to move rapidly to the side of the haves, from being a have-not! Finally…. we’d like to give you our unique perspective on the power of our new marketing strategies guaranteed to outperform everything else that everyone else in your marketplace uses right now.

IF You Think Our Program Is For You, Here’s What To Do Next

If you’re intrigued by what you’ve heard so far, we’ve created a prospectus for the BVC Global Equity Partnership Program that gives you complete details on the BVC business model. While I’m happy to provide this in-depth overview for your review, it’s available by application only. The application is short and only takes about 3 minutes to fill out. We also request a copy of your most recent CV or professional bio.

Why would BVC require an application to review the Global Equity Partnership Program details?

As we’ve mentioned, our Global Equity Partnership Program is not for everyone. And I want to make certain that you’re a good fit before investing your time or mine in exploring this further. So your application is the “price of admission.” Fair enough?

To download your application to receive our free BVC Global Equity Partnership Program Prospectus, please click here:

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Once you’ve completed and submitted your application, along with your CV or bio, we’ll contact you by email regarding next steps in the partnership review process. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact me by email at





Ron Everett
Managing Partner
BVC Global Equity Partnership Program
Business Valuation Center, LLC



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